A story about soap, lemon meringue pie, and a very sweet Mom. 


We moved to the Sonoran Desert around the year 2000.  My Mom and Dad came down with us from Oregon to enjoy the desert for a few months. At the time we were doing Farmers Markets and selling our Gourmet Dog Treats.

Well, after just a few days my Moms skin got very dry, a typical issue for people that live in the desert. Now my Mom makes the worlds best lemon meringue pie and has made said pies for most of my 50 years. I mean these pies were delicious! But...Moms skin was getting so dry she started talking about going back to Oregon early. Those visions of lemon meringue pies fresh out of the oven faded away as fast as a monsoon storm. My Dad suggested getting a book on how to make soap and make something that might help Moms dry skin. Bought several books. Tried their soap recipes. No luck. Even though those recipes didn't work, I did learn the science behind making soap. So I put the books away and came up with my own recipe. It was quite unlike anything I had read about but the risk paid off and I got two more months of lemon meringue pies and a happy Mom. Now every year I send Mom and Dad a case of 50 bars of soap, and every year Mom tells me that no, a lemon meringue pie would not ship well.

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