Here is a list of some questions about this website and our soaps that we are frequently asked.

1. What does the "Free local Tucson delivery" option mean?

That is an option you can chose during the checkout process. Chose this no-cost option if you live in the Tucson area and would like us to deliver your order to you when it is ready. When your order is ready, we will call the number you provided during the checkout process and set up a day and time that is convenient for you. We can deliver to your house, where you work, or the parking lot of a local store!

2. I bought a soap from you at a Farmers Market but I don't see it on your website.

We get asked this one a lot! Throughout the year I make over a hundred different "flavors". The main reason for this is so that we will always have something new and exciting at our booth (and so I don't get bored always making the same soaps!). If there is a soap you would like but don't see listed, please give us a call at 520-822-5330 and we can get it made for you no problem!

3. Did I hear that you just bought a guitar?

This one is not asked that often. Actually, it was only asked by my Mom on the phone the other day. Yes, I did. The books lie. I don't care how easy they try to make it sound, I will not be "playing a song" in 2 days. Enough said about that.

We are proud to use "Square" as our credit and debit card processor.